Confident in Coping Hoodie!

Confident in Coping Hoodie!

For our latest design, we asked our mental health community for their favorite coping mechanisms. Here's what we came up with. . .


40 coping mechanisms for our first hoodie design! This 2023 Thanksgiving, we're thankful for all the help in creating this design and launching this Confident in Coping collection.

We hope that this hoodie will help people recognize the different types of coping mechanisms that others have used to benefit their mental health and use them for their own benefit.

Finding coping skills or grounding skills that work for you can be challenging. There are many different ways to cope, which is why it's so helpful to know what has worked for others.

In addition to helping our mental health community, this collection could positively impact the lives of strangers who read our coping mechanisms.

See the link bio for our mental health podcast, The Self Awearness Podcast, where we shared additional coping skills that have worked for our guests.

The Self Awearness Podcast - Click Here 

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