My story started out as being a stressed out military service member not knowing how to deal with my anxiety. 

I was so frustrated that I didn't know how to relieve my stress, I quite literally started to run away from all my problems. After that first mile I ran, I noticed that I didn't feel like my world was crashing anymore.

I began to fall in love with fitness because it made me feel better mentally. Over the years, I became known as the “Fit Girl”. Feeling completely misunderstood, I wanted to create a conversation starter that explained why I started my fitness journey. 

As a result, I designed the t-shirts with the phrase "I WORKOUT FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH". 

I knew in my heart I couldn’t have been the only one who worked out to improve mental wellbeing and lower stress levels.

Thank you to anyone who supports our message and our goal to improve mental health through physical activity. Thank you for following our journey.